New Phone App



Download our new phone app by searching for Self Insurance Agency in your phone's app store or scan this QR Code.

New  App!

New  App!

This unique app not only allows you to store your Auto ID, you can also send a policy change request, submit a certificate of insurance request, submit a claim, make a payment, or call the agency, or send us an email, plus much more!

Store your Vehicles' Proof of Insurance Cards on your Mobile Device

Step 1:  Click ID Cards.  

After clicking "Continue to Library",  to upload your proofs of Insurance, click the + and either upload them from your device library or take a picture of a current ID Card you have on hand.

Be sure to Click OK

Then, simply line up your shot and take the picture!  

After loading the picture be sure to Rename it so you can easily recognize each of your vehicles.

You can rename the ID by identifying who drives the vehicle, or by the make and model, or year and color.  Tip: Add the expiration date of the policy to the file name!